A tale of tech cities

2019-06-06T15:20:52+00:00By |Categories: News|

May's edition of Meetings & Incentive Travel Magazine (M&IT) featured a report on the how the UK's tech cities are leveraging their position to bring tech events to their region. Having supported many of Bristol's major tech events over the past five years we were asked to provide an "Industry [...]

Bespoke conference registration

2019-02-22T22:05:32+00:00By |Categories: News|

Conference registration is not a glamorous subject. It’s necessary, fundamental even, but there’s nothing intrinsically exciting about it. From a delegate’s perspective registration should be a quick and painless process that gets them signed-up and (sometime later) signed-in with the minimum of fuss. From an organiser’s perspective however registration can [...]

Wow – what a start to the year!

2018-05-11T10:09:27+00:00By |Categories: News|

2018 has been a blast so far. Somehow we're already in May and we've been busy running a host of events, including for the United Nations Foundation. We've also been busy supporting shows operationally, including the Business Showcase South West, and doing initial prep for events in the Autumn. As [...]

Letting audiences programme events

2017-11-29T15:28:19+00:00By |Categories: Innovation, News|

Only our audiences truly know what they want to engage with. With that in mind, for a 400 delegate conference back in February, I deliberately left a third of the programme completely blank. Then, live on the first morning, we let our audience pitch and choose sessions to fill THEIR [...]

Designing an “Open Space”

2017-11-29T15:32:52+00:00By |Categories: Innovation, News|

Event organisers are super organised. It almost goes without saying. So deciding not to plan a third of my recent conference programme was a massive break from the norm. "Why would you do that?" I hear you cry! Because pulling together conference programmes is a guessing game. Of course we make [...]

Events are like buses…

2017-11-24T13:13:49+00:00By |Categories: Freelance Events Projects, News|

Wow - what a few of months it's been. With three events for three clients, including three months working in-house for TSB, it's been a busy time at Focal Point (and a time of lots of threes...). We've been floor planning exhibition layouts for the Business Showcase South West, managing [...]

Showcase 2016 video released

2017-11-24T13:13:49+00:00By |Categories: News|

Fresh from the success of the May event the organisers of the Business Showcase South West are already planning the next event for October 2016. Taking up even more of the newly constructed Ashton Gate Stadium the event will include an extensive business exhibition, workshops, keynote presentations and much more. A video [...]

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