Letting audiences programme events

2017-11-29T15:28:19+00:00By |Categories: Innovation, News|

Only our audiences truly know what they want to engage with. With that in mind, for a 400 delegate conference back in February, I deliberately left a third of the programme completely blank. Then, live on the first morning, we let our audience pitch and choose sessions to fill THEIR [...]

Designing an “Open Space”
with Sli.do

2017-11-29T15:32:52+00:00By |Categories: Innovation, News|

Event organisers are super organised. It almost goes without saying. So deciding not to plan a third of my recent conference programme was a massive break from the norm. "Why would you do that?" I hear you cry! Because pulling together conference programmes is a guessing game. Of course we make [...]

Creating dynamic event spaces

2020-05-19T10:40:52+00:00By |Categories: Innovation, News|

If you ask people to describe the characteristics of a great event, one of the common responses is "dynamic". They are usually referring to the sense of energy, buzz and excitement generated when you bring people together to share a space. They are generally not referring to the space itself. Venues are usually static, especially [...]

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