3 steps to sustainable badging

2019-02-22T22:47:07+00:00By |Categories: Sustainability|

Recently a question came up on a LinkedIn group for event managers asking about sustainable badging. I wanted to post an image to the group of how I usually tackle this issue, but as you can't (yet) post images to group discussions I thought I'd write a quick note and post the [...]

Venturefest 2015 featured in green events guide

2020-05-19T10:46:47+00:00By |Categories: Sustainability|

Sustainability was at the front of our minds while working on Venturefest Bristol and Bath 2015 and we employed a range of strategies to limit the impact of the event. We're really pleased that the event has now been featured as a case study in the 'Bristol Method': a knowledge-transfer programme aimed at [...]

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