Project Description

Develop and deliver a three day conference and music event in a temporary venue, attracting businesses, community groups and home owners?

Powered only by the sun?

With no budget?

Of course we can!

Bristol Solar City wanted their launch event to make a big impact on a non-existent budget. By developing a professional brand, attracting sponsorship, selling exhibition space and ensuring streamlined event management, Focal Point were able to deliver on all of the group’s objectives, even turning a small profit.

James Lancaster, Director of Bristol Solar City had this to say:

“In January we knew we needed to launch the brand, targets and objectives, we knew we needed a separate event and we knew when we needed to do it [June!]. We had no budget and no resource.

Thomas took charge in his unflappable way and delivered a three day conference and industry fair and entertainment for public visitors. He organised a marquee in front of City Hall, marshalled all the resources, developed the conference programme, secured entertainment, sold all the exhibition space….

In the end he covered his costs and everyone else’s so that we broke even on the event as a whole. Can’t speak any more highly of the effort he put in, the skills he displayed and the result he delivered.”

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