Project Description

Helping employees get to grips with new ways of working, encouraging collaboration and developing a champion mind-set were top of the list of objectives for a three event roadshow we recently delivered with a leading internal communications agency.

While the agency managed the content and messaging they looked to Focal Point for help with the planning and operational delivery of the events, each focused on a distinct region of the country and attracting an audience of 150 senior managers and key employees.

As well as venue selection and management Focal Point managed the audio visual specification and supply, advised on branding and collateral creation, organised team accommodation and helped coordinate the other third party suppliers. On the day(s) we made sure that everything was ready to go and that each event ran smoothly, even the live edits and replay of the on-site filming.

Importantly we also became an integral part of the agency team, playing an active role in the development of the project and being the direct contact for the client on any operational aspects.

The events were a great success, 10-out-of-10s filling the custom social walls we used to encourage delegate feedback.

More rewarding for us however was being able to take the pressure off our agency client, letting them focus on their core strengths safe in the knowledge that the event infrastructure was taken care of. A win-win for all involved.

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