Project Description

Comprising presentations, networking and a mini expo of hands-on demonstrations, the Ufi VocTech Showcase brought together more than 150 representatives from across the voctech community to the IET in London.

The Ufi had run the event in previous years but as their organisation has developed they wanted to bring a more professional approach to the planning and delivery of the event, reducing stress in the build-up and generating more engagement on the night. Bringing in some freelance event management allowed Ufi to meet their objectives while avoiding the high costs associated with an events agency.

Freelance Event Management

Working remotely, Focal Point supported the Ufi team by developing a project plan and coordinating the Ufi team in their event preparation. This included running weekly Skype meetings, advising on approach and processes, setting deadlines and ensuring targets were met.

Focal Point also managed all discussions with the venue, the projects that were presenting, and the 10 project teams who would be demonstrating their tech on the night.

To avoid the disjointed feel which often results from multiple organisations showcasing together, we developed an expo layout which provided a cost-effective but branded and professional look. Our solution involved creating bespoke branded backdrops positioned against stock walling panels.

The result was practical, clean and professional allowing each project to tell their personal story while still being clearly positioned as part of the Ufi family.

Focal Point were responsible for:

  • Event project management
  • Venue, catering and AV management
  • All event logistics and transportation
  • Exhibition layout, design and production
  • Liaison and management of project demonstrations
  • Event health and safety and event insurance
  • Venue signage design and production
  • Brochure print production
  • Registration and badging

Ufi were really pleased with how the event went. Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Ufi Chief Executive said:

“I want to say thank you for all the tremendous hard work that went into last night’s VocTech Showcase. It was a wonderful celebration of all we have achieved so far, and great inspiration for all that we can go on to do.”

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